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Williamsburg County
Population: 36,815
Williamsburg County Offices: Post Office Box 330, Kingstree, SC 29556
Telephone: (843) 354-9321
County Supervisor: Tiffany Wright

Williamsburg County is located in the southern tip of the Pee Dee section of South Carolina. The county encompasses 936.97 square miles. If history is your specialty, Williamsburg County has plenty to offer, including many Revolutionary War battlefields and lots of stories about General Francis Marion. Annual rainfall in Williamsburg County measures 51.6 inches, with an average yearly temperature of 62.5 degrees. January's average temperature is 44 degrees, with July's temperature averaging 80.1 degrees.


Population: 3,858
Town Hall: Post Office Box 207, Kingstree, SC 29556
Telephone: (843) 354-7484
Mayor: Darren Tisdale

Kingstree serves as the county seat and also serves as the business center for over 36,000 residents. An agricultural based community, Kingstree is home to one of the largest cotton gins and tobacco markets in the state. Situated 75 miles from Charleston, Columbia, and Myrtle Beach, Kingstree is accessible by two major highways, US 52 and US 527.


Population: 464
Town Hall: Post Office Box 212, Greeleyville, SC 29056
Telephone: (843) 426-2111
Mayor: Jessie Parker

Greeleyville became chartered on December 29, 1893. The town is located on the main stretch of U.S. Highway 521. Each Memorial Day weekend, the town hosts its annual "Flag Day" festival. This celebration has grown to be a very popular festivals in the county. The town flag has a picture of old Town Hall and two arms, one black and one white, holding a tobacco leaf and a cotton bowl. This is a symbol of the cooperation among all the people in Greeleyville with also a symbol of the agricultural heritage.


Population: 829
Town Hall: Post Office Box 968, Hemingway, SC 29554
Telephone: (843) 558-2824
Mayor: John Michael Collins

Hemingway is located just a short distance from the Grand Strand of South Carolina, as well as Florence, Columbia and Charleston. Hemingway is the home of the richest bar-b-que festivals in South Carolina, "TheBar-B-Que Shag Festival." Hemingway is also home to the only Tupperware manufacturing plant in North America.


Population: 523
Town Hall: Post Office Box 39, Lane, SC 29654
Telephone: (843) 387-5151
Mayor: Charlie Fulton

Established in 1856, Lane is bisected by the Main north-south CSX Railroad line. Located in a rural setting, Lane is situated in short distance southeast of the intersection of US Highways 52 and 521. The water, provided by a modern municipal water system from ground water sources, was named the best drinking water by the SC Rural Water Association in 1990.


Population: 263
Town Hall: 3785 Hemingway Highway, Stuckey, SC 29554
Telephone: (843) 558-2591
Mayor: Willie Brown

The Town of Stuckey was established in 1953. Stuckey is located between Hemingway and Kingstree and encompasses 9 square miles. Stuckey is also home to the original Stuckey Brothers Furniture which opened in 1946.

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