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Kingstree/Bi-Lo Pig Pickiní Festival

Each autumn as the leaves start to turn gold and red, the Town of Kingstree pulls out all the stops and hosts a hometown festival that brings folks from far and wide.

Smell the tanginess of barbeque sauce recipes merging with roasted pork? Hear the revelry of the crowds who come to check out the competition and end up tasting a vendorís hot dog or purchasing a craft or bake sale item? See the smiles on the faces of the people of Williamsburg County as they enjoy celebrating the good life? That means youíre in the right place at the right time to celebrate the best of world-famous Williamsburg County barbeque.

What exactly is "pig pickiní?" Itís the best way to eat hot-off-the-fire barbeque. Whether you call it pulliní, pickiní or just plain eatiní, youíre sure to come around to our way of thinkiní when you taste that first juicy strip of vinegar-sauce riddled pork that melts in your mouth and makes your cheeks tingle with its sweet-tangy flavor.

For more information on the Kingstree Pig Pickiní Festival, call 843.355.7484 or go to http://www.kingstree.org/PigPickin.

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